One of the most popular products in my studio is a canvas gallery wrap.  This is a modern alternative to a traditional framed portrait and because it does not require framing you can get a bigger size for an overall less expense!


Canvas material is thick and has a textured weave to it.  This gives the portrait more of an artistic look, similar to an oil painting.  It is made using an actual photograph where the emulsion is peeled and bonded to a piece of canvas fabric using heat and pressure.




                Canvas Board                           Standard Canvas Stretcher                    Lustre Canvas Gallery Wrap    


The resulting material is most commonly stretched over and stapled onto a 1-1/2  inch deep wooden frame (called a stretcher), but can be adhered to other mounting substrates.  Unlike a photograph, if you choose to frame your canvas print, glass is not necessary as a protection due to the textured surface of the print (so glare is not an issue).   The matte lamination protects the wraps from scuffs, scratches and cracking as well as providing UV light protection.


Canvas stretchers may be ordered in the following ways:


A CANVAS BOARD has the canvas print mounted on durable backing option such as styrene, Gator Foamboard,  or masonite.  All are resistant to warping.  This option is a great pre-treatment for a canvas print that will be framed or to display on an easel.  These can only be ordered as "fine art canvas"  and are not available in the luster photographic style, which is more subtle and available in the stretcher and thin wrap styles.  Sizes range from 8X10 to 30X40.


A STANDARD STRETCHER  is wrapped around a wooden stretcher but has the photo end at the overlap edge.  The sides are white and the staples that are securing the canvas to the wood are exposed.  This is considered an "unfinished" look and I recommend this should be framed. 


A GALLERY WRAP stretcher has the photo extended to wrap around the sides of the 1-1/2 inch deep wooden frame and the staples are hidden on the back.   Framing paper covers the back of the gallery wrap, bumpers are applied to the bottom corners, and metal sawtooth hangers on the top corners.  You may also choose the wire hanger option without paper backing.  Either way, it is ready for hanging or to be placed on a display shelf or easel the minute you bring it home.  While this is more expensive than a photograph, it ends up costing less because you don't have the framing expense.   And, you can also order a larger portrait and take up the same amount of wall space a framed print takes up.



Gallery Wrap Edges                         Sawtooth Hangers & Bumpers              Wire Hanger, No Paper Backing


Instead of wrapping the entire photograph around the stretcher, you can also choose to have a black or white wrap border.  This could be a preference of yours, but also sometimes this is necessary if there isn't enough of the image to "wrap" around the stretcher.


Standard Stretcher and Gallery Wraps can be ordered as "fine art canvas" or "lustre photographic" and they come in any and all sizes down to 1/8 of an inch  from 5X5 to 40X60.


A THIN FLOAT WRAP  is wrapped around masonite, a 1/8" rigid hardboard.  To give it a more elegant raised look and feel, there is padding added between the print and the masonite (sometimes referred to as a soft top).   The back is finished with a black paper backing.  The "float" part comes from the optional  3/4 inch gatorboard block backing  that has hanging holes on it.  When hung, the foam backing allows the wrap to extend out from the wall, giving it a three dimensional float.   If you prefer to display the wrap on an easel or wall shelf, it can be ordered without the gatorboard block.


These beautiful and unique finished prints can be ordered as "fine art canvas"  or "satin photographic" and they come in a variety of sizes from 8X10 to 20X30 (but continually adding sizes).




     Satin "Soft Top" Thin Wrap              Thin Wrap with GatorFoam Backing             Fine Art Canvas Thin Wrap

                                                        To give the "float" Effect when hung  




Make a bold impact with a contemporary wall collage with designer groupings of Canvas Gallery Wraps or Thin Wraps.  Clusters can be assembled and hung with multiple images, or split the image across prints for a dramatic mosaic effect.  They are all designed to be hung one inch apart.


Here are some examples.


Tic Tac Toe

Four Square


The Big E

Formal Four






Classic Triptych

Square or Rectangular Triptych


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