My life changed when I became a mom. It is the essence of who I am and fuels my passion to help other moms capture awesome images of their families. I always loved taking pictures from as far back as I can remember but when I had kids I truly understood love. I truly understood the need to savor every moment. And that led to my now 19 year career as a portrait photographer!! That desire to create and preserve memories is why I connect with all of my clients. We all love our families and love pictures of our families. My kids just expect that everything they do is either being videotaped or photographed! Oh yea, I get the eye rolls, but they know they have to suck it up because they’re not gettin’ out of it. :0) I’ve always loved documenting things. I’m a detailed, organized, outgoing, ambitious, list making type A personality that wants to record everything. So this is a perfect job for me! Plus my insane love of the beach and everything about it makes my specialization in family beach portraits an even better fit. And I’m easy going at sessions, have a lot of patience, I’m a natural poser, great with kids and have relaxed viewing sessions and no high pressured sales.

So how else can we connect? Here is a little more about me outside of photography. Tell me something unique about you when we talk; I’d love to get to know you better too.

So here are some other hats I wear: I’m a soccer mom, a softball coach, a bookkeeper, a substitute teacher (para professional), a daughter, a sister, a dear abby advice giver, a taxi driver (ahem… I have 3 kids with better social lives than mine), a homeowner (aka bill payer) and a creative entrepreneur.

I love… the sound of my kids laughing, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, shells, boogie boarding, waterparks, boat rides, starfish, going barefoot all summer, sunshine, my DVR, photography, sledding, hugs, pop music, massages, sunsets, quotes & sayings, a good sense of humor, staying up late, photoshop, the smell of horses, my camcorder, acoustic guitar, bike rides, playing tennis

I don’t care for… soggy cereal, strawberry flavored things (although I love strawberries!), the smell of coffee, cigarette smoke, spicy food, green peppers, amusement parks, roller coasters, long lines, negativity

I have an inexplicable “thing” for… black pens, butterfinger blizzards from Dairy Queen, making lists, rotating my clothes in my closet, plastic hangers, white sneakers, the smell of cinnamon scented pine cones, sticky notes, iced tea, sarcasm, slippers, pink toenail polish

Canon or Nikon? Either, but I currently use a Canon 5D Mark II
Photoshop or Lightroom? Photoshop
MAC or PC? I have both, but I still lean toward PC
Apple or Android? Apple
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate Chip Mint!
Summer or Winter? Summer
Spring or Fall? Spring
Coke or Pepsi? Root beer, lol